Bookkeeping: Are you having trouble keeping your finances organized? We alleviate the stress of managing company finances and allow you to better focus on the day to day operations. Have peace of mind knowing that you have clean, organized financial statements with monthly reconciliations to verify their accuracy.   


Accounting services: We perform a variety of services like B&O and personal tax preparation assistance, company and personal financial assessment reports, 1099 preparation, general business consulting, and more! We are here to help with all of your day to day accounting needs! 


Financial Planning & Budgeting: A large part of running a business is not only knowing where you are today, but where you will be in the future. We assist with creating financial projections, budget creation and tracking, and financial analyses that compare them to actual company performance. 


Financial Literacy: Becoming a new business owner and learning the ins and outs of taxation, report filings, best practices, etc., can get overwhelming. We keep you informed of the process and teach you the basics so you can understand the fundamentals of your business's financials.


Are you ready to take the next step?! Have specific business questions you need help finding answers to? We now offer Power Hours! Schedule an hour of time to tackle your business questions and problems that come up! Offered at a flat rate of $100/hour.

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